Arcadia Community Center 


  Arcadia Lions Charities Inc.
We are a 501(c)(3) corporation

   The Arcadia Lions Club was chartered on February 4, 1949. In 1961, they wanted to do something for the Village of Arcadia, so on December 15,1961 they formed a branch of The Arcadia Lions Club known as the Arcadia Lions Civic Organization. On May 14, 1962, they purchased 8.5 acres of ground at the northwest corner of CR 216 and CR 254 for a community park. Among the plans was a swimming pool, but it was never built. They bought a chicken coop and moved it to the location to serve as a shelter house. It is still located at the park and is our Number Two building.


   In 1965 the members erected two shelter houses and the next year they planted 200 trees, most of them from Lloyd Taylor’s farm. In 1973, some of them came down to allow room for a bigger community building and a ball diamond. We also lost @17 Ash trees to the Ash borer in 2010. The Community Center building was built in 1973 at a cost of $15,300.00. In 2010 it cost $100,000.00 to completely remodel it. The building now has new siding, roof, furnace, electric sound system, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, and a beautiful gas fireplace built by Doug Baird and Matt Sterling.


   On June 6, 1977 the Lions Civic Organization deeded the park over to the Village of Arcadia and leased it back for 99 years. This was done so the park could receive funding from the newly implemented Hancock County Park District. From 1995 to 1998 the Lions put in a
$33,000 play ground with most of the funds coming from the Pat Thomas Estate. In 1999 the three ball diamonds were constructed with funds from the Hancock County Park District, Arcadia Lions Club and other area business. Lion Club Member Eric Metcalfe was head of this project   In 2006, a new swing set was installed with funds from The Lions Club, the Robert Good family, Taylor Brothers Construction, and the Arcadia Fox Hunters. The Fox Hunters took out a section of the old tennis court for the new swing set. Northwest Underground Technologies installed drainage tile for the whole playground. Lions Don Moses and John Grossman installed the swing set. The rest of the tennis court was used to make a basketball court. The Village of Arcadia bought the backboards. Councilmember Dave Ginnever donated the posts and the Arcadia Village Utilities helped install the posts with several Lions members helping.


   The Arcadia Lions Civic Organization was renamed the Arcadia Lions Charities Incorporated on October 21, 2008. In 2008 a new entrance and restrooms were built. This was a $170,000.00 project. Lion Club Member Eric Metcalfe was also head of this project. The Ohio Nature Works, Hancock Park District, and the Village of Arcadia provided money for this project. K&L Concrete donate the concrete. Arcadia Fox Hunters did the concrete work. Northwest Underground Technologies installed the drainage tile, RPM Carbide Die donated all the electrical supplies and the installation labor. Lion Matt Sterling completely remodeled the kitchen. This project was completed in November 2008 and was paid in full.


After adding the new restrooms and remodeling the kitchen, the building still needed work. The roof leaked and the siding was rusting, so the Lions Club decided to replace the roof and the siding. The Arcadia Fox Hunters did a lot of the work and the Village of Arcadia paid for the new metal for the roof and siding. The lions Club paid for new windows and doors. The inside of the building was remodeled with the majority of funds from the Hancock Parks District. The Village paid for the new heating and air conditioning system; TDS Telecom and Lion Jim Margraf donated and installed the new sound system; and Betty Myers provided local oak lumber at a great price for the interior trim. The oak boards were from the oak trees blown down during a storm on June 19, 1991 on the Myers property. The Arcadia FFA class planed the boards to a smooth finish.


   We finished our final project in June of 2010; a 24x43 foot cement patio off the west entrance of the building and made the east entrance handicapped accessible. National Lime and Stone donated the Cement. Arcadia Fox Hunters Trent Beamer, Brian Fink, Eric Switzer, Lance Switzer, Chuck Tesnow, Ryan Smarr, Matt Leonard along with Brad Decker and Lions John Grossman, Jon Fleegle, and Don Moses did the work.

   In October 2013 The Village of Arcadia got a grant for a 20KV Standby Generator to supply electric to the Community Center when the power is out. We are in the process of getting it approved for a Red Cross Shelter. Also the Lions Club Charities bought 180 new chairs for the Community Center


   The result is a beautiful and modern facility the Lions Club and the Community can be proud of and it is available for rental and community use for many years to come.


   All through these years, the local Lions have contributed thousands of dollars for various activities, scholarships, eyeglasses and eye examinations for needy families and children in the area and look forward to many more years of service.